My Journey of Accepting Dialysis-I

Embark on a poignant journey of resilience and survival through the gripping narrative of a 32-year-old's battle with IgA Nephropathy. Explore the challenges of facing high blood pressure, a mysterious autoimmune disease, and the transformative impact of dialysis. Witness the unwavering spirit that defies despair, culminating in a story of acceptance and the pursuit of hope. Join us in this compelling health odyssey, sharing insights on IgA Nephropathy, dialysis, and the indomitable will to live. #HealthJourney #SurvivorStory #IgANephropathyAwareness

12/24/20232 min read

green trust your struggle graffiti
green trust your struggle graffiti

My Journey of Accepting CKD

At 32, I lead a life seemingly ordinary, akin to any other being. However, the reality I face today is far from what my dreams could have ever envisioned. While the world grappled with the devastating impact of COVID-19 from 2019 to 2022, my battle with mortality unfolded each day, defying expression in mere words. The uncertainty of whether I'd survive the night became an indescribable weight.

Married in September 2018, my dream life took an unexpected turn just two months later when bouts of nausea led to a diagnosis of high blood pressure. Though common in my late twenties, my father's blood pressure monitor revealed an alarming average of 180/110. Despite consulting various specialists, including gynaecologists and nephrologists, my quest for answers drained both my finances and my vitality.

After exhaustive tests failed to yield results, my brother secured an appointment with a senior nephrologist who recommended an immediate biopsy. Two months later, with my creatinine level escalating from 1 to 1.2, the shocking revelation of IgA Nephropathy unfolded. Doctors struggled to explain the sudden onset of this autoimmune disease, disrupting a life hitherto characterized by robust health.

As I grappled with the paradox of being healthy throughout my existence, my blood pressure remained stubbornly high despite 10-15 daily medications. The internal conflict of "WHY ME," "WHAT HAVE I DONE TO ANYONE," and pervasive negative thoughts became my constant companions.

Acceptance took a poignant turn as I embraced steroid treatment—the only known intervention for IgA Nephropathy. Ironically, the treatment, rather than healing, left me unrecognizably bloated, my identity obscured beneath the physical toll. From January to April 2019, I endured the treatment's hardships, unable to work or sustain a proper diet. With a diminishing appetite, my creatinine soared to 6, prompting doctors to advocate for dialysis.

This marked a pivotal juncture in my acceptance journey. Despite witnessing others succumb to dire circumstances, at 28, I faced the relentless decline of my health, a dire prognosis of IgA Nephropathy, and a will to live to slip away. Exploring alternative therapies led to an astonishing jump in my creatinine level to 16, culminating in the acceptance that dialysis was my sole recourse. With multiple organs affected, blood levels dwindling to 5Hb, and blood pressure soaring to 190/120, the path wasn't easy. Yet, surrendering wasn't an option. It was my unyielding belief in a brighter future that kept me alive.
I embraced my fate, finding solace as things fell into place. The initial dialysis sessions offered a glimmer of hope, hinting at an alternate path to life. Little did I realize, this was merely the beginning—the true battle lay ahead.

Thank you for journeying with me thus far. Your support means the world. 🌟 #HealthJourney #SurvivorStory #NeverGiveUp #IgANephropathyAwareness